Baby Monthly Photo Blocks


Okay so I am always better late than never but oh well so here it goes. I have been taking pictures of the boys monthly to see how they have grown since birth, obviously every parent does this! I have been slacking and saw some of these blocks people were using with the numbers and I thought I really wanted some of them. Well me having so much extra time on my hands (haha) decided that I would make some, hence why I am just now getting them done for the boys’ 4 month pictures.

So they are super easy to make and didn’t cost me anything because I already had all the supplies laying around. We had some left over rough cut lumber from when we did our banister and I used that for the numbers and bottom block they are 3″. So I sanded them as much as I could but I love when things look rough so left a lot of the saw marks, etc.  So here is how they look once I started painting them (of course I didn’t think about a photo before I started making them).


So I painted all of the sides of each block black. I used Americana acrylic paint for this. Once they were dry I cut out the vinyl numbers and lettering with my silhouette and the sure cuts a lot program. For the font I just wanted it to be simple so I used Century Schoolbook.


Don’t mind the adorable little baby that didn’t want to let me work 🙂


I attached them all to the blocks (with the wood being rough cut they didn’t stay on as well as normal smooth finish wood so I ended up with a lot of touch up after wards).


So once all the vinyl is on I paint a layer of black to avoid some of the running and it usually gives it a crisper look.

DSC_6461Then I painted white on top. I had to use several layers of white to get the brightness I wanted. So once they are almost dry I removed the vinyl stencil and let them dry completely.


The end result wasn’t great because of the wood it had a lot of bleeding through my stencil but I sanded the blocks for that faded look I love and then did any touch up that still needed done afterwards. I sealed them with Modge Podge (since it is non toxic as the boys get older if they put them in their mouth it won’t hurt them). I am in love with the end results and my adorable babies 🙂 In hindsight the only thing I would have done differently is I didn’t make two 0’s so I can’t do 04 for the months but you win some you lose some 🙂






Don’t mind the pictures I am still learning how to edit in Photoshop since I don’t understand what to do with the layers yet.



Twin time in the NICU

Alex and Matt

Meet Alexander and Matthew. They were born on April 1st (of course they would be April Fools Day babies for everything they  put us through during pregnancy, more on that later). They came to this world via emergency C-section at 10:54 & 10:55pm at 33 weeks gestation. They got to spend 3 weeks in the NICU for feeding and growing. Our little Matthew was born at 2 lbs. 12 oz. and Alexander at 4 lbs. 13 oz. Since we had had some complications during pregnancy they had received 2 rounds of steroids and thankfully did not need any oxygen support. Just IV antibiotics, NG tubes to help them feed.

If you have spent any time in a NICU you know how stressful it can be to have to leave your babies everyday in the capable hands of nurses. You call several times through the night to check on them and then without sleep you get up and go sit with them all day again.

In the NICU there are lots of good and bad days fortunately for me I knew ahead of time that I was going to have preemies so I was able to look up a lot of tips and what to expect before it actually happened. (Again I will get to that story another time since it’s a long one). So my tips for NICU moms even though it is hard trust your nurses and their ability to take care of your little one. They usually know what they are doing (however if you feel something isn’t right always ask for the charge nurse to reevaluate them). Take the time you need to heal while your baby is in the NICU so you are ready to care for them when you get home. If you are there for a long period of time don’t feel bad to take a day off. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your little one(s). Lean on your support system and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Go out to lunch or dinner because that doesn’t happen much once they come home 🙂 Take lots of pictures because you will want to remember this part of your journey.

My little guys are 4 months tomorrow now and while that chapter of our lives is over I will always remember our nurses and staff that helped care for our little boys.

First Blog Post

So I have decided to change websites for my blog. So I am new to wordpress. We will see how I like the new format. A little about me for those who are stopping by for the first time.

My name is Heather and I am a new mom of twin boys, I married my husband last year on leap day. I have an Etsy Shop and am a full time RN. I wear many hats and am trying a new avenue in blogging. It may go well it may not we will see. Please forgive me while I try to figure out this site as well so you may see lots of changes as I do.

My hope is to keep everything up to date but with twin babies and a fulltime job and hobbies I may run out of time every now and then.

My intent of this blog is to share our life experences, our farm house reno, family, crafts, and so much more. I hope that people will find something they can relate to with me and come back from time to time. Hope to hear from many new people!! Till next time XOXO.